Our Mission

We are on a mission to provide the platform that every law practice needs to grow, do their best work, and help more people.


As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. The methods, tools, and practices that have formed Hivelight were born of necessity. Our care and respect for the challenges faced by our customers is personal.

Not long after Ash was born, his father started his firm from the front room of the family home. With Ash crawling around the floor and his mum typing up the letters on a typewriter. The law firm practiced in bankruptcy, conveyancing, wills, and eventually specialized in statutory compensation for victims of crime.

The law firm went through many ups and downs over the coming decades, including a fraud that almost sent the firm and the family under. Achieving well in mathematics and business, Ash went into a new multidisciplinary branch of engineering – mechatronics engineering – and worked in project management and systems engineering roles for the Australian Department of Defense until the Global Financial Crisis hit. He then completed a law degree and joined his father’s firm at a critical time. The government was rapidly phasing out the core area of the firm’s work. At the same time the firm was entering a new specialty area of personal injury practice.

This meant significant pressure on everyone in the firm. How to handle the record volume of victims compensation claims being listed, while also re-tooling the firm for the influx of personal injury cases.

Ash quickly applied his project management and systems engineering experience to develop the systems the firm needed to punch above its weight and come out the other side of this challenge – researching and mapping out the processes; breaking work into roles, milestones, and tasks; and creating forms and calculation tools.

The impact of this work on the firm was significant, amplifying the hard work of the team to boost output by as much as 400%.

In need of a change of pace, Ash and his sister started their own law firm. Encouraged by his sister, Ash pitched his ideas for a legal technology company to his friend Mike Rahmati. Mike introduced him to Xabi and the pair hit it off.

Together, Ash and Xabi co-founded Hivelight to provide lawyers around the world with the systems and tools they need to transform their businesses.

Combining real innovation, ruthless pragmatism, and a deep empathy and respect for the customer, Ash and Xabi are determined to be the change they want to see in the legal tech space; Determined to build Hivelight into a company that creates groundbreaking products that have a significant positive impact on the lives of lawyers around the world, their clients, and their families.

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The Founders

  • Ash Kelso

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Ash is mechatronics engineer and lawyer. He started out in project management and systems engineering roles at the Department of Defence. He then crossed over to law and helped his father scale his law practice into a multi-million dollar business.

    As a lawyer Ash has prepared and argued cases all the way up to the appellate level; Optimized and overhauled near every aspect of a legal practice; Developed legal tech tools for his team; Trained and led legal teams; and been active in law reform.

    Having experienced the powerful effects of applying engineering principles to legal practice, Ash co-founded Hivelight to provide other lawyers with the systems they need to grow their practices and help more people.

  • Xabi Errotabehere

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Xabi is highly experienced international software engineer, successful startup founder, angel investor, and startup advisor. Xabi worked in software engineering roles in France before relocating to Australia where he developed systems for the Department of Education and Department of Justice.

    Xabi then served as co-founder and VP Engineering for Cloud Conformity, a leading cloud security company in Australia and Canada. Cloud Conformity was acquired by Trend Micro in 2019. Xabi is passionate about solving real problems and improving peoples lives by building world-class products.


  • Mike Rahmati

    Advisor & Investor

    Mike is an experienced software engineer, successful startup founder, angel investor, advisor, international authority on cloud security, and current co-founder and CEO of Plerion, a cybersecurity company. Mike brings his deep knowledge of taking a startup from inception to exit.

Our Values

  • We are on a shared mission to achieve the goals of our users
  • Integrity
  • Results, not politics – the best ideas must win
  • Many perspectives, but the same goal
  • Repetition is error
  • Security and Reliability
  • Courteous but Irreverent
  • Obsessive focus on the needs of the customer
  • Customer loyalty is earned afresh everyday
  • Hunt down the problem not the person
  • Design to be Elegant, Intuitive, Powerful

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