The productivity platform for lawyers

Collaboration tools, legal project management, roadmaps, and productivity boosting apps.

Move fast, bill more, create happy clients, with Hivelight.

The productivity platform built from the ground up for lawyers

While your practice management system keeps your files in order, Hivelight keeps your team in sync, on time, and punching above their weight

Legal project management (Made easy!)

  • Quickly assign tasks, create milestones, and set deadlines for your team.
  • Instantly see where the work is up to, who is responsible, and what needs to be done next.
  • Grow your practice and scale your revenue, not your admin.

Live summaries of all your matters

  • All matters color-coded, summarized, and sorted by urgency.
  • Filter by matter type, team member, and custom tags for instant reports on every area of your practice.
  • Keep your team in sync and on course around the clock – flexible working solved!

Smart dashboards to keep your team on top of all their deadlines and KPIs

  • Free up your calendar and liberate your team from Excel spreadsheets

  • Stay on top of all your tasks and urgent deadlines as we sort and color-code them to give you an instant understanding of what to do next

  • Track the progress of your matters by visualizing progress through their milestones, never miss a deadline

Roadmaps: Next-gen workflows to guide your team

  • Assign all of the work of a matter to your team in seconds.
  • Onboard and upskill new staff in a fraction of the time.
  • Minimise interruptions and maximise billable time for all staff.

Communicate & collaborate

  • Add notes to matters and tasks, and tag team members to notify them.
  • Invite external counsel and consultants to work on your matters.
  • Create private workspaces for internal business operations and management projects

Power up with time saving
apps and roadmaps

  • Use powerful apps to take your legal work to the next level.
  • Make your roadmaps publicly available with your own branding to promote your expertise.
  • Quickly gain business development insights to grow your practice.

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