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We Demoed our Damages Calculation Tools for the NSW Law Society

Watch our Demo for the NSW Law Society

Hivelight was recently invited by the New South Wales Law Society to demonstrate our Damages Calculator and Economic Loss Analyser for their members. This was for their Dispute Resolution webinar held today (27 July 2022).

It is a very hard task to demo two very powerful apps in the space of 4 minutes, plus provide information on the founders, OS compatibility, and pricing that was required as part of the event. But with some fast talking, many takes, and ruthless video editing we got it done.

Over 150 lawyers tuned into watch the demo which stuck a chord with personal injury practitioners (who typically have the most complicated calculations to do)

You can now watch the video here:

Note: at the time that we were invited to demonstrate these apps for the NSW Law Society’s Dispute Resolution event were were still in the process of rebranding from LawLite to Hivelight. At the time of writing we are still building Hivelight which is consuming all of our current development resources so the Damages Calculator and Economic Loss Analyser remain on the LawLite site for now.

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