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Hivelight launches rapid onboarding wizard and ActionStep integration

As part of a larger strategy of enabling fast implementation, Hivelight has deployed two major new updates.

  1. The rapid onboarding wizard
  2. Two-way integration with ActionStep

The aim, to enable new Hivelight users to start using Hivelight within minutes of sign up.

The rapid onboarding wizard

Upon creating an account, new users will be guided through a simple 5 step onboarding process.

Users can choose to either connect their practice management system to Hivelight, or skip this step to set up an account with dummy data to test out Hivelight (which they can later wipe and use for managing their own matters).

This ensures that people interested in testing out the value of Hivelight can do so immediately, either on a selection of their own matters or on a set of dummy matters.

We have a growing selection of roadmaps (workflows) across a range of matter types that you can choose from to get started (and of course, Hivelight makes it very quick to create your own).

Running through the onboarding process takes only a matter of minutes. This can be easily completed over a cup of coffee.

Integrating with leading practice management systems

The other component to the current rapid onboarding strategy is to integrate with leading practice management systems.

Hivelight works exceptionally well as a stand alone system, and there are Hivelight customers using it already without an integration to great effect in their law practices. These customers have either used our built in tools for importing their matters and contacts from spreadsheets they’ve exported from their practice management system (most commonly from Leap), or they have simply created matters and contacts as needed in Hivelight.

However, an integration enables us to speed up and simplify the onboarding process for customers, and provide that no-double-entry and all-in-one experience that is important to many firms.

Each integration aims to provide a 2-way sync of matters and contacts. This will enable users to:

  • Import their matters and contacts directly from their practice management system (PMS);
  • Have new matters and contacts created in Hivelight or their PMS generate in the other;
  • Have these matters and contacts sync between the two systems; and
  • Be able to work in a matter in Hivelight and open directly to the corresponding matter in their PMS.

ActionStep integration

The first integration to launch is our integration with ActionStep.

The integration is accessible via the onboarding wizard upon signup, or via ‘integrations’ in the Hivelight settings menu. This is also where Leap users will find the ‘spreadsheet’ option for importing contact and matter list files.

Users are now able to import their ActionStep matters and contacts into Hivelight. These and any new matters and contacts they create will sync between the two systems. The fastest option is to create the matters and contacts in Hivelight.

What integrations are coming next?

We are currently working on our 2-way integrations with Clio. This is due to be deployed before the end of August 2023.

After Clio, we plan to integrate with Smokeball.

Why integrate Hivelight with your practice management system

Practice management systems provide important functionality to your firm – accounting, document generation, financial reporting. Some also have an additional focus, such as CRM (Clio) or workflows (ActionStep).

However, the other major source of friction that slows the growth of a firm is the operational side:

  • Tracking the progress of the matters, and having the visibility to solve issues before they snowball;
  • Upskilling and delegating work to staff, in a way that scales;
  • Coordinating efficiently with your team across different schedules and locations;
  • Managing projects with internal and external parties.

and so on…

Initially this is all done manually in most firms. This operational burden snowballs as you grow, and it becomes a friction on the business very early on as more billable time gets lost to admin.

This is what Hivelight solves. You get the tools you need to manage your work and lead your team in a way that scales.

Try out Hivelight

We welcome you to book a demo with us. We can walk you through how Hivelight works and answer any questions your have. Alternatively you can dive in and try it out yourself with the new features discussed above.

Ready to get started?